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UAE's Best Brand 2015: WhatsApp Became Second Most Satisfactory!

Every year a company known as YouGov Brand Index tracks hundreds of local and international brands operating in the UAE to check out their popularity. This year the firm has scrutinized 400 plus brands working in the UAE and the ranking is basically aggregated by means of the Buzz score. This latest released score by the site has revealed that WhatsApp, which is world’s most popular Smartphone communication app, is listed in the second spot after Emirates Airline. The world’s largest airline carrier score 56.7 and WhatsApp just lagged behind with chart score of 51.3.


This index shows the popularity of various local and multinational brands in the UAE amongst customers. This index score is basically calculated after inquiring respondents anything they take notice of positive or negative about different brand recently. This can come to their knowledge from sources print media, electronic media, social media or even by words of mouth from people. And after this process YouGov Brand Index has shown that WhatsApp manages to climb up to second spot in popularity beating tech giants like Samsung, Apple, Google, Facebook and YouTube.


This shows no matter what region you take in consideration WhatsApp is equally popular everywhere in the world. This special place is seized by Whatsapp because of the kind of utility it provides to its users to make their interaction with other users more interesting. Take the example of the Whatsapp Status messages and file sharing proficiency of various types these two and lots of other features makes Whatsapp an immaculate Smartphone app. This is also the reason why it now comprises over 850 million registered users now and still growing briskly.


Becoming the second best brand at the end of first quarter of 2015 in the UAE even after the authorities ban free voice calling feature is certainly a big achievement for Whatsapp. For the reason that it could have jolted the confidence of many Whatsapp users based UAE after authorities’ sanctions over voice calls. But this has not happened, this is the reason why still countless people think that WhatsApp is one of their most cherished brand out over 400 established brands of UAE.


Although, it will not be easy for Whastapp to sustain this position above giant brand entities but, at the moment the developers and owners of WhatsApp can enjoy this index score, as this evolution has made Whatsapp the second most popular brand of UAE in 2015.

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